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Anina Major

Anina Major (she/her) is a visual artist from the Bahamas. Her decision to voluntarily establish a home contrary to the location in which she was born and raised motivates her to investigate the relationship between self and place as a site of negotiation. By utilizing the vernacular of craft to reclaim experiences and relocate displaced objects, her practice exists at the intersection of nostalgia, and identity. Often taking form in a wide range of media, including installation, sculpture, time-based video and performance, it references tropical ecologies as well as historical and contemporary ethnography. Her work unpacks the emotional complexities inherent to the transcultural dialogue that surfaces when mapping the migration of traditions versus foreign influences.

Through her making, Major acts as a cultural strategist and works to inspire critical dialogue around developing cultural identities and building the appropriate platforms for this discourse. She studied at the College of The Bahamas before earning her BS in Graphic Design from Drexel University and her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She is the recipient of numerous awards and residencies, including the St. Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artists Award for sculpture, MassMoCA Studio Artist Program, Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center Fellowship and the Elizabeth Foundation for the Art Studio Program. Her work has been exhibited in The Bahamas, across the United States, and Europe.

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Anoushka Mirchandani

Anoushka Mirchandani (she/her) is a self-taught, female artist living in San Francisco. Born and raised in India, Anoushka moved to the United States when she was 18 years old. Her artworks are informed both by her cultural upbringing in India, and her personal discoveries and growth in the United States.

Anoushka works across multiple media to create figurative and abstract artworks that embody the emotions of what it feels like to be a woman in society today. Her artworks are inspired by her patchwork identity; that of being Indian, being an immigrant, being an other, being an American, being a woman, and being an artist. She is fascinated by how a woman’s outer world—built by her history, cultural context and sociopolitical environment—shapes her inner world. She is motivated by depicting raw and honest portrayals of women and their internal mindscapes while deconstructing the myths surrounding the role of women.

In 2017 and 2018, Anoushka was selected as a showcase visual artist for Kearny Street Workshop, the oldest Asian Pacific American multidisciplinary arts organization in the US. In 2019, she was selected to show her work at CA State Senator, Scott Wiener’s public offices. Anoushka's artwork is in private collections across the U.S, Europe and India. She recently concluded a sell-out debut solo exhibition in San Francisco in 2020.

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Jaleeca Yancy

Jaleeca Yancy (she/her) is a multi-disciplinary artist from Memphis, Tennessee, based in New York, NY. She comes from a creative military family of artists, designers, and entrepreneurs who exposed her to the world at a young age. Yancy is a graduate of Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, with a dual major in marketing and design.

Jaleeca is a free-spirited abstract expressionist who roots her art in imagination, experimentation, and sustainability practices. She explores self, as an individual of the North American African diaspora and how that identity is impacted by the environment. She returns to nature for inspiration and to honor the ancestral history of the land in her work. Yancy develops aesthetically pleasing art that explores non-traditional materials and design processes. She is intentional about sourcing materials sustainably through coordinating with local waste management for recyclable items, local businesses with plastic waste, thrifting, finding detritus on the sidewalks, and using the natural elements from the earth.

Jaleeca channels her multifacetedness into the freedom of expression through various mediums she engages within her art. She has extensive freelance experience in the creative industry as an art director. She is currently splitting her time in her art studio in Memphis, TN, and New York creating content for an assortment of new mixed-media series all while traveling America in her vintage motorhome.

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Lerone Wilson

Lerone Wilson (he/him) is a sculptor and painter living and working in New York. His primary medium is beeswax, the oldest form of painting, used by the ancient Kemetic people to create art, among other things. His sculpted encaustic paintings explore the complexities of the historical and cultural inferences of spirituality, history and identity.

LeRone Wilson is best known for what he calls his “Sculpted Encaustic Paintings,” a series of wall-mounted relief sculptures. To create these compositions, Wilson combines melted beeswax, resin, carnauba, and pigment, before applying the mixture to his canvas using self-designed palette knives. After applying several layers, Wilson fuses the wax to the surface with heat. The works can take up to two weeks to cool, and the final reliefs are between 1 and 4 inches thick. Though they are abstract, Wilson sees in his works a resemblance to metal—particularly rust, polished bronze, brass, and welded surfaces. He uses his medium, he has said, to find the “perfection that an artifact achieves when it is no longer possible to improve it by subtraction…Every component, every detail and every function has been reduced to condensed to the essential.”

Wilson has shown in galleries around the country, including Rush Arts, Kim Foster, Boccara Art, White Box and G.R. N'Namdi in New York and Chicago; the Scope Art Fair Miami; Cutlog Art Fair, New York; and SPRING/BREAK Art Show. He won the 2011 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Award, given during Art Basel Miami week, beating out 4,000 artists from across the country. Wilson’s works have also appeared in live auctions and shows at Phillips DePury and in museum shows, including the Museum of Biblical Art in New York and the African American Museum in Dallas, and is in several important corporate and private collections across the world. He recently had a solo exhibition From Beyond at Bill Hodges Gallery.

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Rain Spann

Rain Spann (he/him) is an emerging artist based in Virginia who primarily works with oil and acrylic paint, pastels, and ink to depict abstract forms in vivid colors. Drawn to art at an early age, Rain decided to take art seriously his senior year of highschool after enrolling in an AP Art Studio Class. From this time up until he graduated, the artist experimented and explored different mediums until he created a blueprint that was composed with the depiction of self-doubt, ambition, and the constant conflict that resides between both.

Rain’s use of vibrant colors embodies the organic and geometric forms seen between the digital and physical realms. In his series “Geometric-Organicism”, Rain investigates form and media to capture their raw qualities and interactions. His interpretations bring new life to his surroundings and inspirations aligned with the ideals of surrealism and other modern art movements.

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Tana Torrent

Tana Torrent (she/her) is a painter and photographer who re-illustrates and captures both the mundane and cryptic depths of human experience. She uses paint to intuitively highlight certain bodily elements to reveal an overall story, recently through motifs of faces, hands, teeth and smiles.

She grew up in London which provided plenty of artistic stimulation. She continued her independent studies in Paris, in photography where she then began to explore more galleries alongside her mentor. She continued to refine her work years later when moving to New York. Aspects of the mind and mental/spiritual health are major anchors in her work.

Her work evokes the subjective spectrums of emotional experiences in a personable manner. She is inspired by surrealism, abstraction, modern culture, new age science and psychology. Her current study is focused on environment and realism.

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Zahyr Lauren

Zahyr Lauren (they/them), also known as The Artist L.Haz, is a West Coast-based artist, former human rights investigator, and former attorney, who began drawing in 2015 after surmounting stress resulted in a lost ability to walk. Z is the youngest of four siblings from San Jose, California. Z comes from a powerful, southern Black matriarchy that migrated from Oklahoma and Mississippi to California with nothing and made something for generations to come.

Z creates in order to share light and love with community. Each piece is a time period of meditative peace for Zahyr. All of Z's artwork is hand drawn. The practice of meditative art, for Z, has become a mental and emotional salve, helping to cope with the trauma of coming from the injustice systems most heavily targeted community. The practice provides a meditative reprieve from the world and the artist hopes the work engulfs other people in the same kind of peace that was felt during each works’ creation.

During the pandemic, Z has contributed their art to mutual aid and direct action initiatives like #FreeThemAll, curated by Wynn Barnard, Until Freedom and the International Community Foundation. They also recently had a solo textile exhibition Where Beauty Reigns: Visual Meditations at Wa Na Wari in Seattle, Washington.

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