kalos - beautiful eidos - form/shape scope - to look

We are emerging from a time of fragmentation in our personal lives and in our society. We are shifting our focus and seeing the world from a new perspective.

How incredible is it when a person creates their story? How magnificent is it when these stories come together, mirroring and amplifying values?

For the opening of our third season, Knowhere Art presents Collide & Scope, a 7-person exhibition that pays homage to our desire to find life and movement beyond our physical and mental limitations and boundaries.

These artists offer a polychromatic union of styles including abstract, surreal, and representational. Through paintings, sculpture and mixed media works including natural materials, the show invites you to step into a kaleidoscope.

Peer in. Like soulmates, shapes fit together, colliding into a prismatic wonderland.

How do we find familiarity in the uncharted? We impact and we are impacted, a centrifugal force. Through connection, we are stronger.

Through the use of natural materials, Lerone Wilson’s encaustic, circular beeswax sculptures symbolize the seasons of life. Anina Major’s ceramic installation Ecology of Relationships contemplates the constant process of losing and finding home. Marvel at the organic shapes found in the human form through Rain Spann’s third eye, florally projecting into the future in his collages. Let Anoushka Mirchandani’s painted figure remind you of the importance of taking time to daydream.

After all, we must protect our peace. Zahyr Lauren’s intricate hand-drawn meditation on the oceans called Sabrina’s Water Sky is a call to preserve Earth’s resources for future generations.

Twist the kaleidoscope and reveal new perspectives. Jaleeca Yancy’s abstract mixed-media series Harmony of Many Parts depicts her migration from Harlem to Memphis with observations of the social environment over the last year, which she observed through her window. The elongated hands in Tana Torrent’s slinky paintings Lust and Love symbolize community and the comfort of physical touch.

This show pledges to honor Mother Earth by contributing back to Her. A percentage of proceeds from sales will fund Grown in Haiti, an organization dedicated to reforestation and community development, in collaboration with Alpha Arts Alliance’s artist residency program in Jacmel, Haiti.

Knowhere Art appreciates the curatorial direction of Sadaf Padder with this exhibition.

Color in hope And shades of home Take a d e e p b r e a t h We invite you to roam

Wander around This wonderland Find bits of home Like Earth in your hand

Fragments, we are As we wade through waters In waves to find Our mothers and fathers

Crash into another Hold a mirror up to Then we can see You me, me you

The hint of a smile In sunrise hues The crest of the ocean In foam and gray blue

The touch of a hand To a cheek, splintered The heat of a fire To a heart, wintered

Together, we are Like bees in a hive Hum as one Together, alive

- by Sadaf Padder


Anoushka Mirchandani

Anina Major

Jaleeca Yancy

Lerone Wilson

Tana Torrent

Rain Spann

Zahyr Lauren


Sadaf Padder