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July 2, 2021 - August 1, 2021

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Embodied exhibits art works by Black Women of Print members. This is the inaugural exhibition for the organization. Gravitating towards portraiture and material culture, as devices that reflect the varied spatialities of the Black girl and woman, each printmaker ’ s art “*unites what (s)he is with what (her) material is.”

Utilizing cotton, feathers, leaves, and found objects, Ann Johnson ’ s visual language is a critical dialogue into the colonialist, capitalist commerce system of Transatlantic Slavery and its implication in contemporary systemic oppression. Layering color values and patterns with relief printing and lithography, Delita Martin develops veilscapes, a spiritual performance of conjuring between realms—the past and the present. LaToya Hobbs merges the technical skills of woodcut to excavate stereotypes associated with the Black female figure and the fluidity of painting to expand the intricacies of their authentic identities. I, Tanekeya Word, shift between relief printing and monotype layered with collage, painting, and draftsmanship as a restorative praxis between landscape, spirituality and Black womanhood. Stephanie Santana delves into the nostalgia of the family photo album and brings forth the Jim Crow Era and the United States Civil Rights Movement photographs, captured by the eyes of family members.

She applies screen printing, embroidery and machine quilting to preserve the interiority of her family, in the wake of most of their existence.

Throughout the exhibition is an attention to handwork, objects, memory/re-memory, imagination, and the lived experiences of Black girls/women. As vessels, we offer memos of Black interiority in a place, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, that continues to serve as a site of quiet sovereignty for Black bodies.

Embodied is a journey from past, to present and into the future via the visual narratives of five intergenerational Black women printmakers who have more stories inside of them to tell.

-Tanekeya Word, Founder, Black Women of Print, co-curator Embodied

End Note:
*(Nell Sonneman from bell hooks, Art on My Mind, p. x, 1995).