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Andrea Grillo

Andrea Grillo (b. 1953) spent her growing-up years between Newark and Brooklyn, New York. In her early twenties, she began work as a landscape designer and grower of trees on a small farm in northern Jersey. It wasn’t until she reached her fifties that her dormant artistry surfaced and branched from roots set in the dualities of street and garden.

She loves to work on used and distressed canvasses—borrowed and her own. An interesting story lies somewhere on and between the discarded layers of paint. As an artist, it is her job to coax out a new story and build on the old foundation. This marries well with her deep appreciation of the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi and my own painting process. The vision of grace in chaos is also close to her heart.

She is best able to suggest and contour her experience, creative view and exploratory process through the visual language of abstraction, use of multiple mediums, impulsive and managed brushstrokes, intuitive use of color, mark-making and the integration of fortuitous mishaps. This process and pairing of beauty and blemish allows for the organic turn of an imperfect line into a stroke that finds its way to poetic expression.

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Brian Booth Craig

Brian Booth Craig (b. 1968; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is a contemporary sculptor who specializes in the bronze medium. Sculpting from life, Booth Craig’s work translates classically derived figures into contemporary icons. His nudes are imbued with a sense of agency. Mixing 21st century gestures with surprising talismans, his statues are very much of our time, despite the medium’s classical origins.

Verist in nature, Booth Craig’s figures capture moments of individual self-assertion. Booth Craig holds a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University (1993) as well as an M.F.A. from the New York Academy of Art (2013) and is an Honorary Member of the International Sculpture Center (2013). He is a former apprentice of the painter and sculptor Audrey Flack.

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Sachi Rome

Sachi Rome's work is a reflection of her obsession with color texture and the human face. There is an exploration within her work of identity , representation and creation of a meta physical space ( the in between ) devoid of western oppression and social constraints. Elements of color and collage through the use of mixed media are also thematic components of the work.

Sachi has studied under the critically acclaimed African American artist Louis Delsarte in Atlanta GA. She is a painter and mixed media artist exploring identity. Sachi moves from abstract to figurative in an ever-changing journey to create portraits of those lost and unknown.

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Marryam Moma

Tanzanian-Nigerian Marryam Moma is a visual artist who holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia. Moma melds the palette of repurposed and recycled hand-cut pieces of paper, and media together into fresh, layered imagery with new associations. Deconstructing images, then re-integrating them to create something new, is an intuitive and ongoing visual experiment where color, texture, balance, shape, and space come into play.

Moma is enthralled by the creative works of Lorna Simpson, Deborah Roberts and (after a recent visit to view My Body, My Rules at The PAMM in late 2020), re-discovered and fell in love with Wangechi Mutus’ collage and mixed media art. The architecture and sculptures of Frank Lloyd Wright and Alexander Calder also influences her principal style and creative delivery. Moma uses collage to explore the space where spirituality, gender, race and identity, and sexuality intersect. She celebrates the human form in her work and reinforces ideas about individuality and self-love. The clarity, discipline, and execution of Momas work reflects applied strengths from a formal education in architecture.

You will find Momas work on The Jealous Curator, in the Starbucks permanent art collection, Kai Lin Art Gallery, Zucot Gallery, MINT Gallery, and was exhibited at PRIZM, during Miami Art Basel 2019 and more. Her work has been featured on BET, Rolling Out AM Wake Up Call Podcast, Radiant Health Magazine, Showfields NYC, Pop Science Magazine, and her work features in Create! Magazines’ global virtual exhibition, Springing Forward, March 2021. Marryam Moma currently lives, loves, and creates in Atlanta, GA.

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Daryl Alexander

Daryl Alexander studied under Nelson Shanks, Greg Kreutz and Dan Thompson at the Art Students League in New York. At the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, she studied with Mario Volpe.

Ms. Alexander’s artwork has been exhibited at Galerie Intemporel in Paris, located near the Beaubourg-Georges Pompidou Museum. Galerie Intemporel showcases the art of the African diaspora. Laurence Choko, the gallery owner, has showed and championed the works of Beauford Delaney, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Arturo Montoto, Henri Guedon, among many others.

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Rafaela "Ella" Santos

Rafaela "Ella" Santos is a self-taught visual artist based in the Bronx, New York. She is Black Puerto Rican and her work centers on explorations of her identity as a Black Latina in an urban environment.

Her journey as an artist began approximately 10 years ago when she began painting after a bout of vertigo; needless to say, her world changed and how she viewed it. Color became vibrant and shapes and outlines clearer and her interactions with the world deepened.

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