Wendy J. Weldon

Much has changed in the last few months…I am not searching for calmness in the work as intently as I did during the pandemic escalation this past year. Now I try to embrace the chaos, temper it, allowing its visibility. Chaos brings energy to the work.

My internal battle of trying to make order out of the chaos takes place on the canvas or panel. There are moments when I find a resting place and a painting may reflect that place. Or I may feel agitated and that painting may reflect that uneasiness. And then with a change of energy, the agitation gets quieted or the calmness may be disturbed.

On Process

When I believe that there are simple solutions in my work, immediately I know that I am wrong. Complexity, although confusing, is the answer every time. I want spaces cleaner and simpler but it is the layers that provide meaning. I apply paint, then sand some areas, apply more paint and maybe sand again. Sanding reveals the layers of color underneath that gives the work transparency in contrast to the opacity of the un-sanded areas. The layers offer mystery. The layers ask questions.

The viewer may find some pieces tranquil and others tumultuous. Many paintings are a combination of these two states of being. My hope is that the viewers are visually stimulated and that my paintings continue to offer up new insights each time they view them. Perhaps for the viewers there may be more questions than answers.

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