Wendy J. Weldon

My process in the studio begins with spontaneity. I don’t plan what the painting will look like. I begin by drawing shapes and brushing on lots of rich color. I add line and change up the values and hues. The process is intuitive.

Recognizable images emerge. Rectangular shapes sometimes resembling barns, circular stone shapes, architectural elements, and birds all play a role. These initial shapes may disappear and reappear throughout the process. Recently, these objects are buried in layers of paint and gel, leaving a distant memory of anything recognizable. The energy of these objects remains in the painting however! At some point in the process there is a conscious composition, the work becomes more deliberate. I add layers of paint and gels, I sand parts, creating textures and depth, opacity and transparency. My goal is to make the painting convincing. I want a peacefulness to the work and at the same time I want tension and strength. I love to paint and I want to share my joy with the viewer. Most importantly, I want my work to be original and fresh. I strive to give the viewer a new way to look at the world. These days with the pandemic touching the lives of millions throughout the world, I find fear, sadness, compassion and distress governing my process. My paintings start with chaos. I vacillate whether I want to leave the disorder and confusion or whether I will bring in a sense of peace and quiet. My work is a way of trying to understand the world.

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